Today we will talk about gratitude.

I would like to say to live with gratitude and grace is as a way to understand things that happens in your life.
Not just the good things but also the challenges. It is a blessing to go through a challenge and then understand why you went through this and what it gave you. That is something to be grateful for because now you have grown a bit more as a person. 
Gratitude is also to accept things as they are. After that you are able to make changes. Gratitude turns denial into acceptance, turns our failures into gifts, chaos into order, and make sense of our past and give us peace.

When you close your eyes and look inside there is always an inner light that will guide you, a light that shines bright and beautifully. When you let gratitude rule your life and listen to the inner dialogue between your soul and the spirit it will heal you. Feel the light flow through your emotions and through your thoughts, your hole entire body. It will balance and give you faith and graciousness. By looking for the blessings in your life you open up to the inner light. By open your heart you and the things around you will change. Nothing around you changes, you change.

We have all struggled. I would say that outside struggles are a sign, a signal from our inner self, our soul, that we are not in balance. If you are not fully living in the now, in the present moment nothing is ever enough. Gratitude is also to live in the present moment. To be happy to just be here and now.

To be able have a loving relationship, gratitude is what makes it living and expanding. When you thank and appreciate each other and forgive small differences that are disturbing the peace it will make you receive the love you are giving. Even the body changes with this and give us healing effects and biochemical changes. It is much more important to appreciate the things that are uniting us than the things that are dividing us. When you open up a room in your mind for gratitude that will change everything around you, a path to the flow of grace... With this you are able to change yourself and let the love flow in your life and to change the environment around you. Think of that, my friend. 
So, start this week by being and living in grace.
Align your energy with grateful intentions every day.