Making choices

We will talk about making choices.
To make a choice to give something up or to let it go, or to stay and fight for things that are important in your life. 
When a challenge comes in to our life it is many times easy to give up and surrender, instead of standing up and fight for something worth fighting for. For a relationship that is important in your life, for an understanding, for a pathway that seems unreachable but so important for you to go. 
And of course, relationships. Relationships are seldom easy, especially family relationships, since you are kind of stuck with each other by ties of blood, but mostly of ties of love. It isn’t without meaning that many of the toughest challenges are within the family. To be able to be understood, to be accepted for who and what you are, to not be judged, to be able to escape from traditional expectations and last but not least to feel loved. 
Me myself felt like a strange bird in my family and was very unhappy many times, doing my best to fit in. But I didn’t really. And I questioned myself, many times, if I was loved, if I was worth to be loved. As many times I didn’t think I was. I created my own family with my friends who understood me and saw and accepted me. And I was ready to give up and let go of my family by blood. But I didn’t. Luckily.
I understand now that I was loved, that it really was so. I was loved but it was not just in the way I thought it should be. It was in the way they could love me. And when I finally realised that it was like the storm inside me, the raging sea inside me, calmed down.
I understood there is not only one way to show love or to be loved. There are many. My choice became to also accept people for what they were and take and enjoy those pieces that were good. Accept and acknowledge that. 
What I want to say with this is that it is sometimes worth to fight and not letting go. And that every challenge is giving you an opportunity to find a deeper meaning to life and be a gateway to something greater...
 If you make the choice to let go of an unhealthy and destructive relationship were you just feel that is impossible for you to stay in, that is of course completely right. I’m just saying, looking to myself, sometimes it is worth to put up a fight before you let go. 
At least you then know that you have done what you were able to do. 
A choice must not be for forever. Time will also heal many relationships. Things appear in your life and hopefully both you and other peoples involved grow, get wisdom through their challenges in life. Learn to see things from different angels that sometimes can heal and create understanding and forgiveness.

Something I know for sure; there is only with love you can change someone else. Remember that, my dear friend. Let you be healed.
Love heals.

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