Today is all about understanding.

Something you love might be coming to an end. 
And of course, it is natural to grieve this and to be sad, but also try to understand that every meeting has its own beauty, challenges and time. 
Some meetings and relationships might last for a whole lifetime, while others are only meant for a shorter period of time. 
The beauty and strength of love does not necessarily have to do with the length of a relationship. There are meetings that only lasts for a day, as well as ones that lasts for a lifetime. A brief meeting with a soulmate could have the such power, love and impact to change your entire life and be of the same importance as a relationship that lasts for a lifetime. 
There are also long relationships that are completely lacking both energy and love, as well as there are friendships that over time grown in to love. And vice versa. 
Look for the beauty in all relationships. And think of every relationship as a beautiful pearl on your neckless of life. When you are doing this, it will feel less painful and you can choose to see what kind of experience you got from it as well as what you did learn.
My wish for you is that you will be able to see that every challenge provides an opportunity to discover a deeper meaning to life. An ending is also a new beginning and can shed light on something that has been hidden or you didn’t understand at the time.
When you are able to take a step back and see the bigger picture, the missing piece of the puzzle often fall into place and you will understand why things had to unfold the way that they did.

Our life is full of transformations. 
Everything we are going through; learning, love, relationships, betrayals, friendship and so on, gives us experience, transforms us and helps us evolve in to something more than what we were before. A new shape if you’d like. This gives us an opportunity to discover a deeper meaning of life. There are many chapters in our book of life, the book that is the story that becomes you, my friend. 
Enjoy your life, your love and your transformation. 
Now a new chapter begins, a transformation is coming as well as a new beginning.

All unfolding for your highest purpose.


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