Hello dear friends!
Under the name
words_of_the_magician, on Instagram, I am chanelling spiritual thoughts about life. Maybe it could be of use to you, giving you a helping hand when needed or just giving you another way to think... 
I wish you a beautyful day!


How do I know when it is time for changes?

Today the door might close behind you. Perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently... It has of course it’s meaning, as there always is a new door opening when one is closes. When the new doors open, new possibilities are waiting for you. 
When things around you start to go wrong and you’re constantly in a struggle it is time for a change, to move forward. We have talked about this earlier. I would say that it is a sign that you no longer are at the right place or where you should be. It is time for a change. Time to close a door to be able to open a new one. 
What I myself have experienced is that new doors doesn’t open until you really closed one behind you.
You can’t have one open on a glance, that doesn’t count says Universe. 
You need to be bold, brave and dare to draw a line towards the past to be free. Open up for new possibilities. 
Don’t cling on to what you thought you knew to be true. Have the courage to venture to the unseen and unknown. Become aware that you now are ready to move forward and make profound changes, to take the next step at your journey. 
Don’t force anything, release your resistance and fear. Just trust and go for the way that feels right. Feel free.
This is a day for awakening and changes, so be brave my friend. Allow yourself to be happy.

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