Spiritual Healing exists from the time Man was able to feel an invisible presence, an intelligent Energy of guidance and communication. We can call it God or using an other terminology or definition. The link to Mother Nature was playing a leading role at that time, just as it can today. And so came into existence the shamans, medecine men and women healers, using their knowledge to help and guide others.

Today, things are not realy different. A few technics appear through the world to blend with this original Energy of Love. The intention of the person who is using it will be a determining factor of success and in tune with the Spiritual World and the Higher Law of the Universe. We are all part of this Energy and able to blend with it on different levels, depending on our own knowledge.

It's a close collaboration between the recipient, the healer and his Spiritual helpers, who are standing close to him to allow the transfer of the Healing Energy. A lot of work is used to build this very special relation, called Trance Healing.
The healing goes automatically where it ius needed, to the body and to the the mind, guided by a higher power.

We send healing to you, either in your presence, or in distance, with the same quality of Energy. We share with you before and after the Healing all the informations coming from the Spiritual World.
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Our price for a healing treatment is 70 €.

** We want to emphasize using or getting healing in no way is something that opposes or replaces physician's prescripts, medication or medical care.

We propose you to  discover and to practise this Healing Energy during different workshops with various levels.
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