Everything in the Universe is energy, vibrating on different frequencies. And it is all about frequencies and to be in the right frequency to be able to reach your inner communication. There is nothing to be afraid of, you just have to learn how to find the right frequency to your inner true communication.

This communication is just possible to hear when your brain is working in the frequency/stage of Alpha-Theta or Theta-Delta frequencies. 

When you are in your ordinary physical life it is the Beta frequency that is dominant, and when the Beta waves are dominating, your Ego is speaking. You need your ego to survive here on earth but sometimes your Ego can fabricate a lot of  things, talk about things without no substans and meaning or no truth at all. Just letting your thoughts swirl around again and again to keep you away from your own thruth. 

We would say that there are two kind of truths; the one you create consciously and the truth that is your Soul’s truth. 
To be able to reach your real truth, all you need is to know is how to change your awarness and turn your thoughts inwards and communicate with your inner stillness. 

Thats is one of the things what we will teach you on our meditation workshops.

First of all your body will come into calmness and out of stress. Your thoughts will calm down and you will tune in and start to communicate with you unconscious self and focus on your inner stillness .
You are activating your pineal gland, that is your inner eye, to get access to your inner truth. In the meditative Alpha state your are able to get answers to the questions you may have, and you are also able to change your energy. Tensions, worries and painful thoughts are released and you will feel more at peace within yourself.
To be able to be in meditation is also a first step to your spritiual journey. 
We will teach you how to change your consciousness and turn into your inner thoughts. 
We invite you to our Meditation evenings where we will work with:
- How to meditate.
- How to change your awareness
- What will be activated when you turn within.
- In what frequency do you find your intuition.
- And we will also give you a messege that we recieved for you.

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