New doors opens for you and you get an extra arrow in your bow when you start communicating with animals. A new realm is opening up for you.
After this teaching you will deepen your knowledge to be able to converse with both animals and nature.

When animals communicate, we often think of body language, but animals also communicate with direct thoughts, feelings, mental pictures or physical experiences.

You go into a meditative consciousness when you communicate through telepathy, which also means  that you are not dependent on time and space, location or distance. You can reach out with your communication wherever you are. Telepathy is a mental and spiritual ability, and therefore, not limited.

Animal can clearly give us messages, talk about what they worry about, show us things about themselves, give us information about their health, their background and things that have happened... It is the kind of information you get when communcating telepathically with animals. 

And we, in turn, often receive advice and messages from  animals. They can show us new ways and help us reflect on a new and different way.
They can also serve as guides and teachers for us.

Maybe the most important, they show us what unconditional love is!

The  whole teaching/training  is over 6 days and has a final certification, step 4, where the students who have achieved all 3 steps will show their knowledge.
After that, you get a certificate that shows that you are educated Telepathic Animal Communicator and that you are able to communcate.

The first step on the beautyful journey is the basic course, TAC1, where you will achieve the knowledge and base how to communicate telepaticly.
If you feel that this is for you we will give you the opportunity to start and continue with this  qualified education in Telepatic Animal Communication in 3 steps. TAC1, TAC2 & TAC3. And step 4 Certification.
Does it sound exciting?
You are welcome to start this trip with us!
Get more information about the start of the educations to click on "Workshops".

CARINA is giving consultations, readings and advices for your animals. You can book time for a consultation by sending a message to Carina,
click here, and she will come back to you for setting a date and time to connect.
Our price for an consultation is 70 €.

are created of MEDIUMSKOLAN - SPIRITUAL EDUCATIONS in Sweden of the founders and owners Carina Flood and Lisa Odenhjälm.
The education has a very good reputation and are highly appreciated as on of the most qualified educations within the genre. 
A number of people who have graduated are now working professionally as with animal communication. 
And we are proud to be able to present and proffer an education that is the same high quality.