Spiritual healing and education



We are very happy to be able to start up our teachings again in 2 june 2020. We have changes our program in Spiritual teachings and Animal Communication and invite you to take part of many practical, inspiring  and fun workshops.

Online programs below

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- 2 days teaching:
Animal Comunication level 1: 13 and 14 june 2020.
Animal Comunication level 2 : 4 and  5 july 2020.
Animal Comunication level 2: 11 and 12 july 2020.

Our first animal communication workshop took place the weekend, November 9 and 10 2019.
What wonderful exchanges and meetings, a big THANK YOU to all the participants, to our Guides for their unwavering support and especially to all our friends in the animal world who are so happy to share. The appointments are made for next year!

Francois & Carina


Hello and and a warm welcome to our website!
It is nice to have you here!  

We will very shortly post pictures of who we are and describe what we are about.
 We heard the call of Spirit and It showed us that the timing was right and that it was possible to change our lives. Carina was working as an Art Director in the marketing business, in strategy, with customers around the world for many years. Francois was working in commercial management for a french grocery company. 
We both knew that is was time for a change... and we went for it...
So here we are today:

CARINA, is working as a spiritual medium, both with trans and healing. As co-grounder to Mediumskolan in Göteborg, Sweden; she is also working as a teacher and educates students on different levels. She keeps an extra special place in her heart for animals and  teaches in Telepathic Animal Communication. 
FRANCOIS, is an experienced and strong healer and spiritual medium and is working with the trans-energies. He is interested and knowledgeable of the shamanic ways, historically, spiritually  as well as psychically.

We are both educated at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, along with other knowledge  in mediumship, quantum physics mentorship and animal communication.

The purpouse of our work is to bring you closer to yourself, closer to your Divine part. Each of us is able to learn to communicate and to blend with the Energies around us. To be able to find the answers who are needed in the right time. To gain the knowledge and  wisdom that allows us to enjoy life and to share in Love and Compassion with the all creation.
It is a beautifull way to go. A path of Love and Light opening a door to Eternity.