Today we’ll talk about to meeting again

I believe that we live more than one life. That we meet people over and over again with different roles and purposes. Of course, there will be new people in the mix too, but with some people we are destined to meet them again. 
This might seem strange, but for me that’s how karma is able play out. 
Karma can many times be something challenging, but it always brings new knowledge to our soul, new experiences, gives us knowledge on how it feels to be in a different role in the play we call life and lets us learn from that. 
We know whom we’ve met before. 
Just think about how you sometimes feel like you know a person you’ve never seen before. You just feel so at ease, comfortable and at home with this person, you feel like you already know them. And perhaps you do, from another time and another life. 
This could go in the other direction too. You might feel discomfort, sometimes even fear when you meet a person that is new for you, without no apparent reason. This could be someone that you have some kind of unresolved business with. 
Without saying, this goes for love too. You can meet a person that you for no reason at all feel like you belong with. You don’t even fall in love, you feel like you just love this person immediately, you are sweethearts from another time. 
Meetings from different lives always have meaning. Perhaps it is a relationship that needs to be balanced, a knot that needs to be untied, an injustice that should be righted or maybe it’s an issue that needs to be avoided (like an abusive relationship). So today, think about what you need to solve for your own sake with others. Is there an issue that keeps on popping up, a person from the past that just reappeared or a new acquaintance that you have a special connection with; what’s the purpose of this? Who knows, your worst enemy might be the best teacher you ever had.

We will not always succeed in untying these knots or to be able to balance the unbalanced, but regardless you will have gained those new experiences and just that is a big win.
...I will write a longer text about this in the future for those of you that are interested in past lives. There’s so much to say about this subject, I’d be a fool to try to fit it all in to one post. In the meantime, let me know what you’d be interested in knowing more about. I will start to post some longer texts pretty soon focusing more on one subject. Have lovely balanced day!