Today we will be talking about us.✨

We all are perfect as we are, and we are all different one from the other.
We all have our own talents and we don’t have to compare ourselves to, or judge, others.
Our mission in our life, if we can say mission, is to discover our own abilities, and to use them for our own wellbeing. And also, for other people’s wellness.
Just think how lovely it is to delight someone.

Your talents or skills doesn’t have to give you the Nobel price. Not at all. (But if it does that is also quite ok). Skills can be so many different things, gardening or cooking, cheering up people with your smile, putting things together, repairing things, create a good feeling around you. Perhaps if you are creating something artistic that will attract people and get them to think, to dream or just enjoy.
Just to allow yourself to be who and what you are and to share it. 
Not everyone of us will be famous, and we don’t need to that to feel good, but each of us can bring light in this world, within the family, friends, in your neighborhood, or workplace.
It is all those small pieces, beautiful pieces, that creates the world and makes our lives special. Just imagine how wonderful the world would be if it was just nourished by people that are happy to do what they are doing. And that also are appreciating themselves for what they are. 
Let your divine self, your soul, guide your life and enjoy and embrace yourself for everything that you are and everything that is you.

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